Concrete Floor Coatings

Paladin offers a broad portfolio of products for concrete floor primers, self-levelers, and top coats based on epoxy chemistry. Formulators looking for low viscosity, zero and low V.O.C. solutions with excellent adhesion properties even to uncleaned or wet concrete, fast hardness development, good weather ability, color stability and long lasting protection can benefit from our offering.

Paladin’s products for top coats and non-yellowing self-levelers are very low in viscosity and color for use in all hues and shade paints. This product includes cycloaliphatic amine adducts and phenalkamine technology. Our PPA-7209 SLG phenalkamine is unique product for top coat application which can replace expensive top coat technologies. The coatings based on Paladin’s curing agents delivers customer very good gloss retention, UV stability, color stability and retention for beautiful floors.

Our curing agents provide quick return to service, good pot life and friendly mix ratios for easy coating application. With excellent wetting and intercoat adhesion properties Paladin curing agents are product of choice for difficult surfaces.

Paladin’s reactive and non-reactive diluents plays important role in flooring by reducing viscosity and improving flow. Applicator can achieve low viscosity solve free flooring formula with use of Paladin products. Our diluents are suitable for use in top coats and self-levelers and enable low V.O.C. coatings without compromising performance. These products are hydrophobic in nature delivering excellent water resistance as well as chemical resistance due to the cardanol backbone.

Phenalkamine PPA- 7209 SLG

Cycloaliphatic Amine


Paladin offers phenalkamine for all concrete coating layers. Our hardeners recommended are selected on basis of parameters to be fulfilled for each specific coat application. The phenalkamine suggested for primers offer excellent adhesion to substrate while hardeners for top coats provide excellent UV stability. Paladin products have good self-leveling properties with fast cure, and non-critical mix ratio for easy application. For best results in exterior durability and UV stability use of cycloaliphatic epoxy resin is advisable.