Industrial and Transportation

Paladin offers a broad portfolio of products for industrial and transportation epoxy adhesives and sealants. Formulators looking for solvent-free hardeners suitable for various substrates that provide high strength, broad application conditions, and easy handling can benefit from our offering.

Our distilled CNSL-based epoxy curing agents, modifiers, and diluents are the ideal choice for formulating durable bonds to challenging substrates as for example, wet or oil contaminated substrates. The hydrophobicity of Mannich base attributed to cardanol coupled with their fast cure allows adhesives to quickly develop strong bonds to wet metal, damp concrete, and low surface energy substrates without time consuming and costly substrate preparation.

Moreover, Paladin’s phenalkamine and phenalkamide epoxy curing agents develop bond strength and cure even below zero degrees Celsius while providing good working time for applicators. Force-cure industrial applications should see increased line speeds and energy savings by the use of lower cure temperatures to achieve ultimate performance.