We at Paladin focused on producing value added products for customer to thrive in long run. For us Money is a by-product of value we create.
When we enter market we can easily lose sight of value creation and get sidetracked by other things like Turnover, profit margins, expanding your product catalogs, or whipping out competitors. But our foundation on crating technology based products always keep us on our path. As the author Simon Sinek said, "People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it." At Paladin technology is the purpose that unites and inspire people – "Make more money" won't do the trick.
Mr. Jayram Mangesh Nadkarni
Founder member and Technical Director
Born on 4 June 1926 in Mumbai, Mr. Jayram Mangesh Nadkarni is the founder member and Technical Director in Paladin Paint & Chemicals Pvt. Ltd, formally Vanaprabha, since 1985 with gigantic experience over 70 years in business.
Under Mr. J. M. Nadkarni’s leadership, Paladin envisions a coating world based on renewable natural resource with zero VOC, to protect mother earth, so future generations can inherit a healthier planet; and zero congestion in quality and supply, so customers get back a precious commodity time.
He’s focused on strengthening Paladin’s core business of biomass based products, while also working to lead the transformation of renewable biomaterial through advanced technologies to commercial product. Mr. Nadkarni has also established a strategic direction based on putting the customer at the center of everything the company does. Previously, he served as Technical Director, Bombay Paints and Allied Products Ltd, since 1960 located in Ripon Road, Bombay Central at time of joining. He was major shareholder in this company with other partner. He established Bombay Paints Research lab with Resin and Paint divisions in 1965 which was 1st R&D lab with Indian government recognition to obey all benefits.
Mr. Nadkarni in M/s. Bombay paints Ltd work for almost 34 years long collaboration with M/s. Hempel’s marine paints Denmark from 1961. The main bond to sustain this relation is utilization of new concept and technology for development of marine coating products. During work in Bombay paints he worked on diverse filed of paint application and polymer technology.
Mr. Nadkarni began his career in 1952 with Asian Oil and Paints Company Now Asian Paints, Mumbai in 1950 as a Chief Technologist at Mogul lane, Matunga Division. He worked with founder members of Asian paints Mr. Champaklal Choksey, Mr. Chimanlal Choksi, Mr. Suryakant Dani and Mr. Arvind Vakil to take company form turnover of 22 lakhs with 2% PBT margin to leading paint manufacturing company in country. with his vision to develop technology based products and compete in market he established research and development lab in Asian paints in 1953. He changes product line of Asian paints from stiff paints, double boiled linseed oil, copal varnish, stand oil, blown oil to technology based products like Apcolite synthetic enamel, tractor oil bound distemper, stoving finish, wrinkle finish, hammertone finish, silver stoving varnish and so on.
Mr. J. M. Nadkarni start working on Biomass technology in 1953 with vision to utilize natural renewable material and produce coating based on CNSL and promoted product commercially.
He was the 1st to introduce alkyd resin and Rosinated alkyd in Indian market with hard work in R&D to leave footprints for other to follow. Under his vision and direction as 1st Technical Director company lead market with technology based products. Mr. Nadkarni established foundation of technology in company to sustain and grow rapidly and become market leader. Here must mention words by founder member of Asian paint Mr. Champaklal Choksey during interview with Mr. Raghavan for Paint India ‘Moment Nadkarni took over everything change for Asian paints”.
He was research scholar in west berlin University of Technische, Germany in year 1951, after completing his M. Sc. Tech degree from UDCT, Mumbai in 1951, under guidance of Prof. N. R. Kamat, HOD, Polymer Department, UDCT. From same university in 1949 he completed his B. Sc. Tech with kothawala gold medal and B Sc. Degree in 1947.
Mr. Jayram Nadkarni has held various administrative positions on government and non-government organizations including development council soap plastic and paint by department of commerce and industry, director on M/s. Hindustan photofilm, small scale industry board member.
He was also member of educational committees like ML Dahanukar College of Commerce, Parle college Mumbai, Mulund College of commerce, UDCT selection committee & Examiner, VJTI, Mumbai selection committee. Mr. Nadkarni is 1st to decorated with life time award by The Colour Society, Mumbai and on 50th anniversary of UDCT establishment decorated with award for contribution to Paint industry.
Mr. Prasad Jayram Nadkarni
Managing Director
Founder Member and Executive Director
Born on 22nd February 1960 in Mumbai, Mr. Prasad Jayram Nadkarni is the founder member and Executive Director at Paladin Paint & Chemicals Pvt Ltd, formally Vanabrabha, since 1985 with vast experience over 3 decades in Paint Industry business.
He had completed Master degree in Paints & Polymers in 1983 from North Dakota State University, USA, after completion of Master degree Mr. Nadkarni began his career with M/s Hempel, Houston in 1984 in R&D division, then in 1986 to 1994 with M/s Bombay Paints & currently since 1994 with M/s Paladin Paints & Chemicals Pvt Ltd. as an Executive Director.
He’s focused mainly on to promote Paladin products in the international Market & successfully start the export in more than 20 different countries. Under the directions of Mr. Prasad Nadkarni M/s Paladin Paints phenomenal growth from approximately 1 Cr. turnover to now its approximately 41 Cr. within 25 years.
Under Mr. Prasad Nadkarni’s leadership, Paladin had successfully executed the long term product processing agreement with the M/s PPG on July 2006 as well as with M/s Asian Paint on Jan 2006.