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Phenalkamine PPA 7454 is Mannich base, a reaction product of distilled cashew nutshell liquid & polyamine. It is a low viscosity, fast drying curing agent. Formulator can develop epoxy systems which are VOC compliant i.e. solvent less or high solids epoxy coating systems. In general, it shows ability to resist moisture, blush free while curing & exhibits rapid cure, even at low temperatures, similar to other phenalkamines. It provide very good adhesion over difficult surfaces like zinc, galvanised, cement & wet surfaces. Hence, it could be used as curing agent in epoxy coating systems applied for heavy duty industrial, marine services, protective and floor coatings etc.
Chemical Structure :
Features :
  • Very low viscosity
  • Solvent free
  • Rapid blush free cure even at low temperatures & high humidity
  • Good chemical, solvent & water resistance
  • Very good compatibility with
    i) Epoxy resin based on bisphenol A
    ii) Epoxy resin based on bisphenol F
    iii) Epoxy resin based on phenolic novolacs
  • Non critical mixing ratio
  • Excellent curing under humid, damp & wet conditions
  • Good adhesion to mechanically cleaned & difficult surfaces such as Zinc Coated, Galvanised etc.
  • Superior corrosion resistance
  • Very good flexibility
  • Workable pot life at lower temperatures
Applications :
  • Medium to high solid coatings
  • Flooring & construction
  • Marine & industrial maintenance coatings
  • Tank linings
  • Adhesives
  • Surface tolerant primers for metallic substrates
Typical Properties :
Sr. No.
Property Unit Specification
1 Appearance Visual Light brawn viscous liquid
2 Colour Gardner 14 max
3 Amine Value mg KOH / g 260 310
4 Viscosity @ 25° C cPs 1000 2000
5 Density @ 25° C -- 0.99 1.01
6 Flash point (Closed cup) C / °F 104.4C / 245.5 °F
7 AHEW g / eq. 133
8 Recommended PHR (Liquid Epoxy Resin EEW -190) -- 70
Curing Properties :
Formulation :  
Liquid epoxy resin (EEW -190) 100
Paladin PPA 7454 70
Optimum curing schedule 7 days at 25° C in Minutes
Gel Time (100g @ 25 C) Mixing 25 min
B.K Drying Recorder, set time, (200 microns) 8 mil
(Liquid Epoxy resin EEW - 190)
@ 25° C 3 4 hrs
@ 5° C 10 11 hrs
@ 0° C 14 16 hrs
Storage & Stability :
Hardener PPA 7454 should be stored in a cool dry place at 18 - 25 C in the sealed containers to achieve shelf life of minimum one year. Product can react with moisture & carbon dioxide in the air. This may result in increased viscosity & reduced activity.
Handling Precaution :
May be harmful if ingested or absorbed through the skin & can cause sensitization. Will cause severe inflammation in contact with eye & skin. Wash thoroughly after handling. Adequate ventilation is essential during application. Containers should be tightly closed when not in use or during transportation. Do not inhale mist or vapors. It is recommended to use gloves, safety glasses & protective clothing for safe handling.
First AID :
In case of
Inhalation : Remove to fresh air & give oxygen if breathing is difficult
Ingestion : Give plenty of water. Do not induce vomiting. Contact a physician
Contact with Eyes : Flush eyes with plenty of clean water for at least 15 minutes
Contact with skin : Immediately wash with mild soap & water.
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